City Governance

City Strategy, Planning, Budgeting and Governance

The City of Lake Forest Park has several important documents that drive the city’s agenda going into the future. The city’s future are largely shaped by the documents that appear on this page.

“The Big Five”

The City of Lake Forest Park currently has been focusing on the following projects that focus on public safety, environmental restoration and flood-zone mitigation, parks, trails and Town Center Sub-Area redevelopment projects that will include about $330 million of ST3 transportation funding for the purpose of building a parking garage.


Other City Studies and Projects

  • Sound Transit ST3 Project List – On Nov. 8, 2016, voters of the Central Puget Sound region approved the Sound Transit 3 (ST3) ballot measure. The plan builds 62 new miles of light rail to form a 116-mile system.  ST3 extends the Sounder south rail line by two stations at Tillicum and DuPont while extending station platforms and making other improvements to expand passenger capacity along the entire south line. Bus rapid transit is built to serve communities north, east and south of Lake Washington and parking and access improvements are made to stations throughout the region.